Zeus Twelve Sigma 2013

Gray Design outsourcing its activities in the automotive sector with the creation of a new subcontractor. Zeus Twelve is the brand.

Wants with the slogan “Luxury is the new speed” (“Luxury is the new speed”) Zeus Twelve extremely exclusive small series cars sell to the super rich. The name alludes to the limitations of each model. For there shall be only twelve copies per series.

Total Zeus Twelve potters in three different models: Gold Rush, magnates, and Sigma. All of them are only built to order (built-to-order). The Gold Rush shows on the front very similar to the Chevrolet Corvette C6. With double doors and a six-liter V12 engine that makes 516 hp, this comparison does eventually clear. Particularly striking are the gold elements on the body. However, do these little set in stylish scene. Here you could put more on other materials.

Zeus Twelve Sigma 2013 Back

The magenta is the largest model in the line-up. With optional armor he is also by far the heaviest car of Zeus Twelve. The 6.75-liter V8 with 512 hp should be able to speed up the magenta yet to 296 km / h. Visually the most spectacular is the electronic sports car Sigma. With a mix of Lotus Exige, Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari Enzo exudes this Zeus Twelve character and passion. The electric-line four-cylinder engine with 340 hp although significantly less than the aggregate of its siblings. Thanks to the lightweight carbon speedster fleet still manages to ordinary 290 hours kilometers. To the prices of luxury cars, there is no information.
Behind the new Manufacturers put the designer of Gray Design. The Swedes are known for their yacht design. But also on the automotive sector, they are not unknown size and example helped the Dartz Jo-Mojo to his appearance. With Zeus Twelve should be focused that direction. Eventually attract the currently strong sales of luxury cars. Since Gray Design apparently wants a piece of the cake. With the support of the noble tuner Mansory Lotus and it should work.

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