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Peugeot 208 1.4 VTi Allure

Design, ergonomics, interior

At a time when all manufacturers boast that their new model offers more space inside, as its predecessor, it’s nice to see that someone has managed to reconcile the increased reduction of interior and exterior dimensions. While retaining almost equal wheelbase, model 208 in relation to the 207 has 6/1 cm shorter and narrower overhang of 2 or less per 1 cm. Nevertheless, knee room in the back increased by 5 cm, a trunk instead of 270 now offers 285 dm3 volume.

The reduction in external dimensions positive effect on agility Peugeot children, but we can see and how to design a new gives the impression of even smaller and thus more compact cars. The external appearance so he went a step further by Peugeot “classics” and offers many attractive details, transferred and managed in a very aesthetic interior.

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