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Chevrolet Spark 1.0 16v

2012 Chevrolet Spark 1.0 16v Perfect Design

In Spark’s easy to drive – Turning circle of ten feet allows you to quickly and park and out park, until your vehicle width of 160 cm to be park in the garage without any trouble, a short front nose makes life easier for the novice driver. The engine requires a lot of speed to do deliver enough power for a much needed between acceleration. The factory claims that the Spark hundred of the rest comes in 15.5 seconds, but it only works if you spin the motor at least 6,500. / Min. crankshaft before the switch to more gear.


Due to an unpleasant, metallic sound, but the engine of 4000-4500. / Min., It makes no sense. Maximum torque of 93 Nm should be sufficient to bar between acceleration decent, but the problem is that it is the amount of force available only at 4,800. / Min., So you’ll experience a great disappointment (and frustration) if at 3,000 o. / min. an attempt to overtake.

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