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Mitsubishi ASX 2013

Early debut of Mitsubishi ASX 2013

Mitsubishi has started marketing its Mitsubishi ASX 2013 in New York already. Being a very big company in global operations, Mitsubishi has been able not only to develop a future car for 2013 but also to bring it out before the end of 2012. The ASX is a SUV with a lot changes and innovations introduced in all aspects of a car. It includes the exterior and interior, the transmission system and also the engine. The purpose of bringing out a new model is obviously to make it look completely different from the existing models so as to attract a wider section of customers.

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Mitsubishi ASX Facelift

Mitsubishi ASX Facelift

Design ASX market showed up to 2010th year, and the Eastern maker said that it has sold worldwide, regarding 210,000 of these cars, of which 110 000 in Europe and Russia.

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Mitsubishi ASX i 2013

Mitsubishi ASX Received a Facelift – Sales Begin in Autumn

At Automobile Present in New York, the company presented the renovation Mitsubishi small crossover ASX (in the UNITED STATE are sold as Outlander Sporting activity in Japan as RVR). Aside from updating the style, which comes after 2 years of sales, ASX has actually obtained weak and turbodiesel power of 85 .

Mitsubishi ASX i 2013

Mitsubishi ASX is promoted in New York 2013

With regarding 210,000 vehicles offered in the ascension of the marketplace in 2010, consisting of and 110,000 systems marketed in Europe and Russia, ASX showed a worldwide excellence of Mitsubishi Motors Company (MMC), and the best application of the Global MMC architecture.

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Mitsubishi ASX Facelift 2013

Mitsubishi ASX Facelift 2013

Mitsubishi is the actual vehicle dealer in Nyc had its world premiere revitalized compact crossover ASX. We offer a design for the UNITED STATE market, while the European beginning is prepared for fall 2012 year.

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