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Cargo H1

Cargo H1 Van 2012

H1 is the right choice if you transport people is a priority. Eight seats will represent a comfortable home for business or private trips – as a van to transport hotel guests, transport sightseeing tours, transport of sports clubs (and all their sports equipment) to some very important events. Strong, stylish, comfortable, roomy and comfortable. And because it is a Hyundai, reliability and economy, as integral of human DNA.
With two or three rows of seats, H 1 is not only a means to work. While primarily designed as a practical, valuable tool for the transfer of various cargoes, those sitting in the front, will enjoy the comfort and convenience offered by a beautiful cabin. Behind, the cargo compartment, a huge box, measuring over 2.37 meters, 1.62 meters wide and 1.35 meters high.
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