Opel Insignia 2013

A future car in the making Opel insignia 2013 with minimal change

Opel a reputed German car manufacturer for a long time is now European division of GM. The Insignia range of cars has remained the flagship of Opel for quite some time. This car is based on the Buick design of GM. The car is a Sports Tourer Wagon. Updating it into Opel insignia 2013 is on the cards. However, full details are not yet known officially but are available to people who seek them from different sources. Whatever be the changes that may come about they are all expected to be only minimal, restricted to the exterior features of the car and some aspects of the interiors.

Contrary to general belief, the Opel is also trying to make some changes in the engine power and also the drive system. Turbo charged V 6 engines of 2.8 liter capacity capable of developing up to 321HP is under development. This engine is expected to be connected to a drive system enabling all wheel driving. As a result the pickup speed of the car has become quite high. It is expected that in matter of only 5.6seconds, the car can attain a speed of 60 miles per hour from standstill. These aspects are in the final stages of trail for incorporation in the latest version of Insignia.

No doubt, any new model of any product requires a facelift. The Insignia 2013 is no exception. The new version has to look different from standard Insignia at least as far as the external appearance when it is put on roads. As a result a new grill has been designed and used. Similarly, easy to change items like bumper, both in the front and the rear have been newly designed for use. Though the headlamps have been left untouched the tail lamps have redesigned to look different from the existing models.

One difference that may be of significance is the air intake system that has been newly designed. The interior has been given some attention with the use of LED lamps. An indo screen of larger size with buttons at the top of the screen is provided in the new version. They are larger in size than those installed in the current Insignia. The dash board gets a lot of chrome on it giving it a better and exclusive look. The outlets of air have also been redesigned. They also get strips of chrome around them making them shiny to look at.

2013 Opel Insignia 6 580x386

The interior uses better quality materials and touch controls. The Opel insignia 2013 comes both in petrol and diesel model. Though the HP of the engine is being upgraded to 321HP the normal power is expected to range between 130 to 260HP. These are engines that are being used at present and will be used till the higher rated engines become operational. Ensuring fuel efficiency has been one of the guiding principles in updating technology and it is expected to be reflected in the V6 engines being developed. Though a few cars are expected to reach the showrooms by September2012, the full complement will be out only by the end of this year.

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