Mercedes C 180 Coupe

Mercedes C 180 Coupe Germans Designed

The Germans designed it in the most effective European tradition, sophisticated, symmetrical with clean lines and a touch of featuring aggressiveness.Wedge-shaped form of body, curved best and a short trunk lid leave nobody detached, and we think this is a terrific development for Mercedes. The car is virtually 4.6 meters long, yet a mindful style of the “slim waist”, so the C coupe looks much lesser known and a lot more agile.

All the components that accentuate one Mercedes are there, and it is commendable that the manufacturing facilities in the time of mass production has determined to share as little of the body and Chauffeur driven car.

The initial call with the vehicle will certainly convince you why the three-pointed superstar has such an excellent track record and very high price. Every detail was carefully thought out, every little thing was done without concession, and the products are actually top quality and pleasurable to the touch.
Usually German dark ambience in the log cabin (even the black furniture of the roof covering), make a delicious glimmer wrapped moldings in physical body color, pearl white.

Mercedes carefully developing work environment owner, so the atmosphere is familiar and really comfortable. Rest to low, but not too much, as other rivals, to make sure that the entry and exit of the automobile especially simple, and it is not jeopardized stylish motoring delight. The smallest Mercedes four-seat coupe is, as the bench is split in to two independent parts. Mercedes obviously did not intend to quit their sedan heritage whatsoever costs.

The traditional principle of an automobile with front engine, installed longitudinally, and the back tire drive showed to be a great solution for sports cars. Owner with the steering wheel and seats may see every subtlety of hold and it seems better connected to the car.

Limits are set in a curve is really high, so even unskilled and conveniently handle emergency circumstances. Under the hood is placed a new four-cylinder gasoline engine with 1.8 litre, which has a system for direct fuel injection and turbo charger. We think that it is much better compared to previous variations which had a mechanical compressor.


Mercedes C 180 Coupe 1 290x193



It functions much smoother, easily and swiftly obtains gas and has a much more vibrant. It has an optimal result of 156 hp and optimum torque of 250 Nm.
The latest generation of its gasoline Mercedes has actually created the most contemporary fuel injection system directly in to the cyndrical tubes. The system has the capacity of stratified gas treatment, which permitted boosting the squeezing, and thus higher thermodynamic performance.

Instead of a mechanical compressor, there is now a turbo charger.

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