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Range Rover Evoque XL – 2016 Release Date

Range Rover Evoque XL will be marketed in 2016. This car is presently understood below codename L560 and it will be the outcome of cooperation of Land Rover with Jaguar. Compared to the existing model Evoque, enlarged Evoque XL 2016, will lead the way in many segments, therefore not surprising the pursuit of the company, when it be available in the manufacturing cycle, L560 will be manufactured in 80,000 copies a year.

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Preview – The 2013 Range Rover Sport

range rover 2013 sport 290x192
Land Rover’s new Range Rover Sport is tentatively scheduled to make its debut this spring at either the New York or Geneva auto show, and designers are busy adding the final touches.

The new Sport model uses the same type of riveted aluminum monocoque as the 2013 Range Rover, and automotive forecasters expect the two vehicles to have similar specifications. The two vehicles should have approximately the same weight, so the Sport’s most basic model, the V6 diesel, should weigh about 2160 kilograms. The current Range Rover Sport weighs 2460 kilograms, and this difference in weight should make the new model noticeably more maneuverable.

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