Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2013

Ford Ranger is the new car of the Ford family unlike previous models it isn`t designed according of the Japanese-built Mazda B-series. Thanks to that he took the prize as the world’s best pick-up improved for 2013, indicating that the factory Ford put a lot of effort for a Ranger model. The highest praise he received for field performance, towing capacity and safety features. The new model delivers even more style, comfort and features, making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities with the family, or activities during the week.

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At close to five and a half metres long and nearly two metres wide and high the Wildtrak has a prepossessing presence, even when standing still. But get those 18-inch wheels rolling and the truck takes on the roll of a class-leading juggernaut. Standard roof rack and aerodynamic sports bar emphasise the robust character, while unique badging and graphics make the ultimate statement of its ‘Wildtrakness’.
The test vehicle was fitted with a retractable tray cover that acts like a roll-top writing desk, disappearing into a compartment behind the cabin when not in use. A warning! Read the instructions on how to operate it. I didn’t and paid a frustrating price until it was explained, then it all came together easily. The sporty exterior is continued into the double cab with seating for five on leather and cloth trimmed seats inspired by sportswear, featuring contrasting stitching, plus two strips in distinctive Wildtrak Orange.
Particular attention has been paid to spaciousness and comfort, making sure three rear passengers are provided with ample knee room and foot clearance.
Nova Ranger 2013 interior 580x330

Powering the Wildrak is a 3.2-litre TDCi Duratorq turbo-diesel engine, delivering 147 kW of power at 3000 rpm and 470 Nm of torque peaking from 1500 rpm to 2750 rpm. The variable geometry turbocharger enables low-end torque to improve launch and driveability and to come up with a fuel economy figure, for the manual, as low as 9.4 litres per 100km on the combined urban / highway cycle, with carbon dioxide emissions of 248g per kilometre.
Ford Ranger Wildtrak
Price: from $57,390
Warrenty: Three years/100,000km
Resale: N/A
Engine: 3.2-litre five-cyl, 147kW/470Nm
Transmission: Six-speed manual, six-speed auto; 4WD
Body: 5.35m (L), 1.85m (W), 1.85m (H)
Weight: 2200 kg
Spare: Full-size
Thirst: 9.6L/100km diesel, 256g/km CO2

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