Cargo H1

Cargo H1 Van 2012

H1 is the right choice if you transport people is a priority. Eight seats will represent a comfortable home for business or private trips – as a van to transport hotel guests, transport sightseeing tours, transport of sports clubs (and all their sports equipment) to some very important events. Strong, stylish, comfortable, roomy and comfortable. And because it is a Hyundai, reliability and economy, as integral of human DNA.
With two or three rows of seats, H 1 is not only a means to work. While primarily designed as a practical, valuable tool for the transfer of various cargoes, those sitting in the front, will enjoy the comfort and convenience offered by a beautiful cabin. Behind, the cargo compartment, a huge box, measuring over 2.37 meters, 1.62 meters wide and 1.35 meters high.

And in addition to convenience, with both sides of the vehicle movable double sliding doors, a low threshold.
The typical image of today’s modern lifestyle. New H-1 without a little trouble glands to the airport, a group of colleagues, and perhaps old friends. Everything is ready for the trip, suitcases packed, ecstatic babbling about the expectations of the events that await them in the next few days. Van, with eight passenger seats, was just in his element in these conditions, with the ease in and out of vehicles. It has all the space necessary for the passengers for their baggage, perfectly furnished cabin, complete with glass on side windows for better visibility. In fact, every element of design in this modern car in every respect is your ticket to a successful trip.

Measure the comfort of each vehicle is its interior. For H-1, which is the comfort level sedan is seen in every detail: air conditioning with independent controls for the second and third row seats, a modern and ergonomically-constructed instrument table  and center console, and many other details. The most important part of the long ride comfort, the seat for three passengers, have firmer cushions and increased, enhanced lumbar and increased ability to move the seat. Appendix security are strengthened and seat frames and seat height. Little things like cup holders, and useful sections will further contribute to the comfort level.

Cargo H1 1 290x217

As a vehicle in which to spend their working hours, H-1 is maximally focused on the safety of its passengers. Both versions are equipped with ABS and front airbags. Travel has a variant that includes ESP and TCS (traction control). Body and engine room, at a potential impact, flex plans to absorb and dissipate impact energy, a chassis has been further strengthened. Add passive safety measures in the form of reinforcements in the doors to protect passengers from side impact, and safety belts.

Cargo H1 2 290x217


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