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2013 Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI

Volkswagen was at the recent Geneva Motor Show unveiled the Golf VII GTI.The car is no different from the concept shown in Paris in September 2012, and customers will be able to choose between the two versions of the 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine stuffed.

Those familiar with this version of the Golf will immediately notice the typical detail on the body by which it differs from the standard model. Textured grille with “honeycomb” defining characteristic red trim, which is now extended to the lower part of the headlight, and the GTI model designation.

2013 Volkswagen Golf VII GTI interior 580x426

Besides tinted LED brake lights and spoiler at the end of the roof, the rear of the car decorated with two chrome tailpipes. There is also a mandatory diffuser which is fitted into the lower part of the rear bumper. What makes the production model differs from the visual concept from 2012, are differently designed 17-inch alloy wheels.

Volkswagen nor the interior has not deviated from its traditionally conservative design. With leather, sports cutoff wheel, the cabin is equipped with a plaid sport seats, which are trimmed with red thread.

2013 vw golf vii gti 1 580x325

The seventh generation of the Golf GTI is lighter than the previous version for 42 pounds, so that the car has a mass of 1351 kg. Volkswagen AG said that this was achieved primarily thanks to a new, easier MQB platform.

The new GTI has a four-cylinder under the hood the 2.0 liter turbo-petrol engine in the basic version produces 220 hp.

Volkswagen will offer customers additional factory performance package, which includes improvements to the power unit. Those who expect a significant increase in power will remain disappointed, since this package only provides an additional 10 hp.

2013 Volkswagen Golf VII GTI 580x385

Maximum torque of 350 Nm is the same in both versions.

Regular GTI from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.5 s, top speed of 246 km / h. Performance version is slightly faster and reaches 250 km / h and accelerates to mph in 6.4 seconds. By comparison, the Golf 6 GTI accelerated from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.9 s.

In both cases the power is transferred to the wheels via a standard six-speed manual transmission, while the optional six-speed automatic available with double clutch.

To ensure safe stopping the brake disc diameter 314 mm front and 300 mm at the rear. Golf GTI Performance has front discs of 342 mm, while the rear are 310 mm in diameter.

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