2013 Renault Twingo

2013 Renault Twingo “For Two”

Stephen Norman, head of advertising and marketing in Reno pointed out in an interview that have presented innovations in the pipeline for the next 3 years. As Norman stated the brand-new Twingo for 2014 year, which will certainly receive an additional model deeper to the initial and have something entirely unforeseen.

Baseding on various reports and photos, the upcoming Twingo needs to For 2 has a feature (for 2), with respect to its advancement is currently associated with the newest generation Smart. Would certainly be unexpected and alternative gas automobiles, hybrid or electric.

Next-generation Clio will be presented this fall at the Paris Motor Show and it is characteristic that will certainly have a new style and a new drive train. Reno needs to 2013th year to launch its new Nissan Juke, and the upcoming will certainly follow the Koleos 2014/15. and unlike the existing MPV must become as it was announced R Principle Space.

2013 Renault Twingo 1 290x146

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