2012 Opel Astra Bi-Turbo

2012 Opel Astra Bi-Turbo

Astra Bi-Turbo is available as a hatchback with five doors, and in the GTC Coupe and Sports Tourer wagon version with 5 door hatchback with a top speed of 226 km / h, making it the fastest diesel Astra so far, while the Sports Tourer develops a maximum 222 km / h, and GTC 223 km / h.

At Opel say that in addition to driving performance, Bi-Turbo engine and very efficient. In combination with economical Start / Stop technology, which is standard in all Astra Bi-Turbo models, the GTC version consumes an average of 4.9 l/100 km, while the Sports Tourer model and 5-door record consumption of 5.1 l/100km.

In addition, emissions of CO2 Opel Astra GTC Bi-Turbo is 129 g / km, while the hatchback versions caravan and 134 g / km.
In ASTRA Bi-Turbo four-cylinder diesel engine, two turbochargers of different sizes to work either separately or together. The smaller turbocharger, the engine at low revs, acceleration is achieved in a very short time.

This means that the gas pedal responds well and prevents the unwanted effect of “turbo lag”. Starting from 1250 rpm, but then the driver can pull out 320 Nm, which is 80% of the maximum torque of 400 Nm, which can be achieved between 1750 and 2500 rpm.
New Bi-Turbo 5-door versions, and GTC Sports Tourer, and received a sportier exterior look and stylized than conventional models. The upper grille GTC versions of the Bi-Turbo has a similar shape as the Astra GTC in petrol, although always in the front trim body color.

Hatch and wagon Bi-Turbo models feature a new grille molding to the shape of the wing. The lower air intake has also got a sporty design, making the car looks more aggressive.

Window frames have chrome inserts on the rear, two exhaust pipes and distinctive shape of the rear bumper give the car an extra sporty accent.

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